5,000 years before the War
4,500 years before the War
1,100 years before the War
1,050 years before the War
1,050 years before the War
1,000 years before the War
500 years before the War
100 years before the War
600 years before the War
100 years before the War
50 years before the War
April 1 pre-dawn
April 1 dawn
April 3 evening
April 4 morning
April 5 dawn
April 5 midday
April 5 evening
April 6 morning
April 6 morning
April 6 evening
April 7 all day
April 7 evening
April 8 morning
April 8 morning
April 10 evening
April 10 – April 30 evening
April 11-12
April 11 evening
April 13 morning
April 14 morning 
April 14 evening
April 15 evening
April 16 morning
April 17 morning
April 18 evening
April 19
April 19 evening
April 20 - May 4
April 23 evening
April 24 all day
April 25
April 25-May 4
April 25 evening
May 1 morning
May 2 evening
May 3
May 4-14
May 5 morning                                May 9
May 14 evening
May 14 evening
May 15
May 15 evening (time warp begins)
May 16 dawn
May 16
May 17 evening
May 18 morning
May 21 evening
May 22 – July 22 (time warp)
July 16 morning
July 18 evening
July 22 




Forces of Horror

Total population of Sinister: 150,000 Urgs, 300,000 Gobbins, 1,500 Trolls, 500,000 Molemen
Horror-Host on first departing Mount Sinister: 120,000 Urgs, 240,000 Gobbins, 1,200 Trolls, 60,000 Molemen
(Remaining in Sinister: 30,000 Urgs, 60,000 Gobbins, 300 Trolls, 440,000 Molemen)
Horror-Host proceeding beyond Fuzzyville: 110,000 Urgs, 220,000 Gobbins, 1,100 Trolls, 55,000 Molemen
(Western Corps remaining at Fuzzyville: 10,000 Urgs, 20,000 Gobbins, 100 Trolls, 5,000 Molemen)
Horror-Host taken by Gothrom to Dwarfenberg: 60,000 Urgs, 100,000 Gobbins, 400 Trolls
(Remaining at Elfpark/Disengar: 20,000 Urgs, 100 Trolls, 55,000 Molemen)
Engaged at Second Battle of Elfpark: Mantis, 25 Power-Trolls, 18,000 Urgs, 50,000 Drug-Enhanced Molemen, 1,000 Horror-Elves

 Forces of Joy

at the First Battle of Elfpark: the Disengarians (7 Megagirls, 30 power-suited Mexicans, with 270 unarmored                    Mexicans also in action on the second day); 50,000 Elves (20,000 Green Berets, 20,000 Purple Berets, 8,000            Blue Berets, 2,000 Red Berets)
        casualities (dead or captured):  12,500 Elves (5,000 each of the Green and Purple berets, 2,500 Blue and Red            Berets), thirty-one Mexicans (including one armored)
at the Battle of Dwarfenberg: 10,000 well-armed Dwarfs (including 1000 Spearmen); 20,000+ Dwarfish                          Irregulars; the Valiant Remnant (7 Megagirls, 30 power-suited Mexicans, 7,500 Elves)
        casualties:  Dwarfish Regulars: 500 dead, 1500 wounded; Dwarfish Irregulars: 1500 dead, 4500 wounded;                100 Elves dead; 2 power-suited Mexicans dead, 5 wounded
at the Second Battle of Elfpark:  7 Megagirls, 30 power-suited Mexicans, 7,400 Elves, 15,000 Dwarfs (with 3                  battle-tractors)
        casualties:  3000 Dwarfs killed, 9,000 wounded; 3,700 Elves killed;  14 power-suited Mexicans dead, 11                  wounded
at the Battle of Fuzzville: 500 Bearmen, 300 Boodles, 282 Treemen, 15,000 Elves
        casualties:  A fifth of each kind killed, another fifth wounded
at the Battle of Sinister:  Royal Army (300 Bearmen, 180 Boodles, 172 Treefolk-couples, 50 Fuzzy-couples, 9,000          Elves), Cyborg Super-Squad (7 Megagirls, 30 power-suited Mexicans, 1000 Cyber-Dwarfs, Kalia & Timonar)
        casualties: A quarter of the Royal Army killed, a quarter wounded; no Super-Squad casualties (not counting            Kalia’s quickly healed wound) except for 2 dead and 3 wounded power-suited Mexicans.

Horroria moves into Sinister
Michelle plants herself at the future location of Fuzzyville
Gnarl born                          
Boodletown founded
Rifka lands on Earth
Wizards arrive on Earth
Asmuran establishes Disengar at Elfpark
Japanese move to Disengar
Nausor meets Horroria
Nausor emerges from the Lower Depths with Gothrom
Valorix’s convalescence at Boodletown
Snigger departs Sinister ahead of Host
Host departs Sinister
Snigger arrives Fuzzyville
Meeting at Fuzzyville
Fladnag heads east, Urman/Lula head north to Trev/Treen (10 miles)
Urman/Lula arrive Trev/Treen’s meadow
Host arrives near Fuzzyville
Most of Host heads east, first battle of Fuzzyville
Trev/Treen/Urm/Lul head to Lake
Fladnag arrives at Disengar
Fladnag meets with Asmuran, Elf-leaders
Trevor, Treena, Urman, Lula arrive West Lake
Aunt Tricia summons Treefolk
Fladnag heads east from Disengar
Host arrives near Elfpark
Treefolk muster at West Lake
Battle of Elfpark
Fladnag arrives at Dwarfenberg
Valiant Remnant leaves Disengar, Fladnag leaves Dwarfenberg
Most of Host heads east from Elfpark
Fladnag arrives at Boodletown
Valiant Remnant camps near Boodletown
Valiant Remnant heads east from near Boodletown
Boodles leave for East Lake
Host near Boodletown, Valiant Remnant arrives at Dwarfenberg
Conference at Dwarfenberg
Boodles arrive at East Lake, conference
Bearmen muster at East Lake
Host arrives at Dwarfenberg
Battle of Dwarfenberg, Barons’ Elves raid Elftown
Conference at Dwarfenberg
Dwarfs recover
Gothrom reaches Thoranc, assimilated by Nausor
Treefolk set forth
Treefolk reach Fuzzyville
Skirmish at Fuzzyville
Treemen close the Road
Grand Alliance heads west, Royal Army sets forth 
Agathar’s Elves join Royal Army
Grand Alliance reaches Elfpark
Royal Army reaches Fuzzyville, joined by Treefolk
Battles at Elfpark, Fuzzyville
Sumiko, Nausgothromor arrive at Sinister
Gnarl, Rifka head to Fuzzyville
Meetings at Disengar
Gnarl, Rifka arrives at Fuzzyville
Royal Army, Gnarl, Rifka head to Sinister
Royal Army, Gnarl, Rifka arrive at Sinister
Battle of Sinister (with Gnarl, Rifka, Snigger in Lower Depths)
Super-Squad leaves Disengar
Super-Squad near Fuzzyville, leaders visit Fladnag, Michelle
Victory at Sinister