A shining superhero, son of God,
emerges from dark meditating Space
to extricate us from this factory.
He comes: Yeshua, Heracles, and Thor.

A raft of light slides in across the sky;
at first they raise their arms to hide their heads,
but then they stretch their hands up happily.
Above the raft, within a brilliant orb,
the superhero’s silhouette appears.

Fat, ugly people shall then be released
from their containing fat and ugliness;
the stupid blabbermouths shall be transformed,
becoming quiet and intelligent;
the thuggish ones will step out of their suits
of sullen menace – gentle, courteous.

No more anxiety and tedium!
We’ll pick the living fruit from trees and eat,
excreting scentless rainbow-colored mist
as we exhale; we’ll never have to bathe –
all exudations will evaporate.
We’ll stroll around in couples and small groups,
admiring the trees and rocks and clouds.